Zebra Finch Art

Because of the daily requests for our handmade Zebra Finch Art, we have created this page in English for our International visitors. The hand painted Zebra Finch statuettes are made of terra-cotta and are fragile, so we do NOT ship them. So far we had customers coming over from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, France and Bahrain. They are also used as prices for Zebra Finch shows in Europe. Especially (and only) for zebra finch shows we can also create Gold, Silver and Bronze Zebra Finches, they are unique prices to win.

They are hand painted, and can only be painted by 1 person. It takes a lot of work to make (about 3 hours each), so they are mostly made on request. You can choose what colour(s) Zebra Finch(es) you would like to have! Almost any colour can be made on request. They can be picked up at big Zebra Finch events, like the International NZC Show in Beusichem in The Netherlands.

The International NZC Show in Beusichem (the Netherlands) is worlds biggest Zebra Finch Show, a yearly show with over 2.000 Zebra Finches in hundreds of different colours, with participants from various European countries.

Please be aware it will take time to make the Zebra Finch statuettes! Sometimes it may take up to weeks or months to create them, it is just a hobby, not our daily job! The prices are around 25 to 30 euro each. We also have a few other zebra finch products, like mouse pads and coasters in different designs.

Possible pickup locations in 2020:

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